Here at Pro-file, one of the most technologically advanced process serving firms in Canada, we aspire for quality and reliability. Our primary service goal is to make sure that we give our customers exactly what they need, whenever they need it, and with the utmost commitment to quality. We ensure that our services offer you the highest level of comfort, conformity, and expertise. Process Serving: Yes, we are a process serving company but we are much more than your ordinary company. We come with a commitment to be accessible and available to our customers 24/7. Skip Tracing: Pro-file provides locate services for clientele having to track down assets, lost clients, heirs, defendants, witnesses, and missing persons. Our tracers are aware of the need for accurate and up-to-date information and utilize our extensive resources and contacts to save you time and money. With our large network of affiliates, Pro-file works diligently in finding details and establishing the whereabouts of the correct party or assets required by you.
Repossession Services: Pro-file can provide all your service needs related to repossession and remarketing of your assets.
Collection Services: Our licensed, bonded and insured collection agents specialize in locating and negotiating with debtors to create the best possible outcome for all parties involved. No account is too small and we manage them all as if they were our own.
Court Filing: Court filing is an important part of the day to day works of legal professionals. To help our clients, we offer them the chance to get their court filings done by us, and then served on all necessary parties; therefore alleviating the need to utilize two separate service providers. Our employees are available in all courts all day. If our customers need us, we are there to serve them.
What does a process server do?

A process server serves legal documents to a defendant or to any individual(s) involved in a court case.

Process servers will also file your papers with the courts, and may offer various types of added services such as skip tracing, locates, etc.

How much does it cost?

Process serving rates can vary from case to case. If you need your documents served right away, or within 24 hours, you will be billed at a higher rate. If you are uncertain of cost, you can REQUEST A QUOTE here.

How does the process server get my documents?

Once we have established your needs, we will have a process server meet you to obtain your documents. Otherwise, they can be sent to us by mail or courier. We also accept documents

via email at

How long does it take?

Pro-file offers may levels of service:

Regular: 3 attempts within 7 days

Rush: Within 24 hours

Direct: Immediate Service

What is an Affidavit of Service, and do I need one?

An Affidavit of Service is a commissioned/notarized document that your process server gives you once your documents have been successfully served. An Affidavit of Service shows you who was served, and when and where the service took place. An Affidavit of Service is required to prove to the court that your documents have been served as according to the Rules of Court.

What if the Defendant evades service?

If the process server is unable to serve the document, they can provide you with an Affidavit of Attempted Service. In order for the Court to grant an alternative way of delivery, you will need to provide an Affidavit of Attempted Service and prove all the attempts to serve, and have us confirm that the person to be served cannot be found and/or is being evasive.

Why use Pro-file?

With over 20 years in the legal industry, we have had to constantly undergo significant transformations while simultaneously acknowledging the maturity, functionality, and diversity of the profession. Recently, and most importantly, we recognized a desperate need for a process serving company that can remain accountable to their clients, and ensure the best possible service. With that knowledge, we have recently evolved with a cutting edge approach.

Pro-file is very proud to introduce our new state-of-the-art Real Time Tracking option!

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